Texas Business for Clean Air is pleased to announce the release of a report prepared for it by Rice University and Houston Advanced Research Center: "Policy Options for Clean Air and Sustainable Energy in Texas".

This report is an excellent overview of the state of Texas' electric generation and the options for meeting future energy needs while reducing air pollution. It shows that sensible policies and technologies for energy efficiency and renewable energy can help clean the air while ensuring sufficient and affordable electricity supply in Texas for decades to come. (Download it using the link under "Recent Developments".)

This report:
  • Describes the sources, composition and impacts of air pollution in Texas,
    including ozone, particulate matter, mercury and carbon dioxide;
  • Updates Texas' electricity supply/demand status and forecasts, including a
    chart showing how the projected gap between capacity and demand can be
    closed, and NOx emissions reduced, through a combination of energy
    efficiency, renewable energy, and demand response (Table 4);
  • Evaluates the technologies and costs of various generation sources and
    strategies to meet energy demand and reduce air pollution: efficiency,
    wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, demand response, combined heat and
    power, emissions controls, carbon capture and storage; and
  • Proposes policies for addressing the energy - air quality challenge: options
    to increase efficiency, increase the total portion of renewable energy in
    Texas' portfolio, promote demand response and deploy smart meters,
    promote distributed generation and combined heat and power, and reduce
Texas Business for Clean Air thanks the following organizations for their
generous support in making this report possible:

The Meadows Foundation
The Harold Simmons Foundation
The Texas Medical Association


Texas Business for Clean Air Foundation (TBCA) is a group of Texas business leaders who believe that clean air is good for business. We reject the old paradigm that paints business and environmental interests as irreconcilable foes.

The world's need for clean energy technology is creating an unprecedented economic opportunity. We are committed to helping Texas seize that opportunity and the resulting benefits: jobs for Texas workers, clean air for our families, and preservation of the wealth and political influence that Texas has come to enjoy as an energy powerhouse.

Our tools for achieving this mission are education and collaboration. We encourage cooperation between business and government to promote clean technology industries and the adoption of technologies and practices that minimize harmful emissions and maximize efficiency.

Our success will be judged by the measurable improvements in air quality that we are able to help the state achieve and the economic benefits we are able to secure for the state by helping clean technology industries locate here.




Coming Clean in Texas: Rice scientist analyzes the state's future power options

Article by Mike Williams about Rice atmospheric scientist Daniel Cohan and his team's report for TBCA

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"Policy Options for Clean Air and Sustainable Energy in Texas"

Report by Rice University and Houston Advanced Research Center for TBCA

Download it here.


It is imperative that the citizens of Texas are
aware and informed of the current matter involving utilities and clean air. Below
you' ll find websites where you can find
additional information about air quality and energy conservation.